beautiful clock display

minimalistic display of this deklet make your desktop more attractive

so definitley try it out.

customize everything as your taste.

Unleash the power of customization.
clock combind with weather display.

combined two desklet into one and you can hide the weather block anytime. small display for junc free & focused workflow.

so feel light with clocket
detailed and compacted display.

Two weather display version available i. detailed ii. compacted display to make your desktop open sky.

so feel light with clocket

How to use properly

  1. launch the desklet
  2. right click on desklet select configure..
  3. change colors of your taste.
  4. Generate a current weather data api key from openweathermap.org or existing api .just make sure that api is from openweathermap
  5. now put lat-lon or place name. if you dont know your location get it from here
  6. To update detailed weather block click on refresh button and in compacted version click current weather icon to refresh weather data.


Customization is main beauty of this desklet. customize as you want.
right click on desklet and select configure.. to get this promt.
set text color, bg color,api-key,lat-lon or place whatever you want.

Download letest version of clocket


Current location(latitude and longitude) finder.

Downloaded clocket wanna find out you current latitude and longitude ? click to find out.
:-: After clicking button make sure you allow to read your location.
Note that we don't collect your location.so feel free to allow it.
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